When to go


Travellers can enjoy Ubud throughout the year as it is ALWAYS warm with yearly averages of 28 degrees celsius (82 F).

Weather wise the best time to visit Ubud is during June – September with July – August (peak season) being the warmest months. As July and August correspond with Europe and North American summer holidays Ubud is very crowded during this period. 

If you are backpacking in Indonesia a good time to visit Ubud is between April-May and October-November as these are the transitions between the wet and dry seasons.  The weather is cooler (but still averages high 20’s celsius) and Ubud tends to be less crowded. Hotels and tours are likely to be cheaper during this period too!

Rainy season occurs from January through March when you can expect 15 rainy days per month (but of course it is still warm)! The evenings are much cooler so it is recommended to bring a light wrap for the evenings.  Whenever you plan to travel, getting to Ubud is relatively straightforward.

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      Last updated on the 28 September 2018
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