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Getting around Ubud is straightforward as it is relatively small and central Ubud can actually be covered mostly by foot. Traffic volumes are very high in the centre and with narrow sidewalks many resort to walking to get around the bustling Ubud town centre.  If you are backpacking in Ubud and on a budget we would recommend walking but travelling out of the city will require some form of transport.

To see the surrounding beauty of Ubud it is recommended and very popular to rent scooters from local travel agencies/hotels. Bikes are also available for rent by the day but bear in mind during dry season it gets very hot, therefore, cycling can be hard work.

Taxi’s are another alternative to getting around Ubud, however, they are operated by the local Taxi Cooperative and prices are kept high. Due to the restriction of other Taxi companies, taxi’s are limited in Ubud and one should expect to pay x2 or x3 of the price of Uber/Grab.

Uber and Grab (the South East Asian equivalent Uber) are slowly cropping up in Bali but are opposed by the local Taxi Cooperative in Ubud so it’s almost impossible to find one in the centre.

The most popular form of tourist transport in Ubud is the form of minivans that can be hired with a driver for a specific tour. One can also hop on a scooter/motorbike from a local “motorbike taxi” for half the price of a taxi.

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