Our Medellin travel guide is full of useful tips and advice about backpacking in Medellin, Colombia.  Discover the must visit sights, travel safely in Medellin, good places to eat, solo travel in Medellin and much more.  Written by fellow travellers, our guide will help you make the most out of your time in Colombia – you can also post your own experiences and connect with fellow travellers.


The Pablo Escobar years gave Colombia a bad name. Ten years ago Medellin was named ‘one of the world’s most dangerous cities’. Since Escobar’s demise, the city has blossomed and is now one of the safest and wealthiest in Colombia. With its all year round warm climate, tropical forests and bustling city streets, Medellin is not to be missed.

Most backpackers heading to Medellin stay in the beautiful El Poblado, located in the south of the city. El Poblado is a lovely place to visit during the day for its beautiful greenery, lovely boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. Some of the city’s best restaurants are located here. At night, El Poblado is bustling with its clubs and bars that surround Parque Lleras. It is important to note that El Poblado is expensive compared to the other neighbourhoods in Medellin. You will also never be short of other travellers to hang out with here.

Laureles is my favourite neighbourhood in Medellin. Located west of downtown this residential neighbourhood is perfect if you are a traveller looking for somewhere to live in Medellin. Like El Poblado, Laureles has an array of fantastic cafes, bakeries, bars and restaurants…but at a much cheaper cost. The only drawback of Laureles, is that it does not have its own metro. However, you can get a quick taxi or walk 15-30 mins to the Estadio and Floresta metro stations. The nightlife in Laureles is mainly along Carrera 33 or 70. I highly recommend the salsa bar Son Havana, go on a Wednesday!

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