Find out all about backpacking in Colombia, with tips and guides from travellers who have backpacked through the country.


Backpacking in Colombia is much safer than you may think.  The Pablo Escobar years gave Colombia a bad name, 10 years ago its city Medellin was named one of the worlds most dangerous cities. However since his demise, not only is the country MUCH safer but Colombians will do anything in their power to wipe away the negative stereotypes that the country has been given. In order to do so the locals are incredibly friendly and willing to show you their beautiful country.
Nowadays Colombia is a fabulous country for backpacking, not only does it have majestic Andean mountains but it also has beautiful beaches, urbanised cities, the amazon, rivers, waterfalls, jungles and more. It really does have everything you could want and has been building a good reputation amongst travellers from across the world. My biggest tip if you are backpacking in Colombia: bring A LOT of mosquito repellent!

Colombia is multicultural country, depending on the region you can find different accents, dishes, and costumes. The best places to visit are the beautiful beaches of San Andres, the ancient architecture of Cartagena, the extreme sports in San Gil, the big waves off the pacific ocean in Nuqui for surfers, and the amazing jungle of the Amazonas in Leticia. There are also some events not to miss such as the carnival of Barranquilla or the flower’s fair in Medellin.

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Last updated on the 26 July 2018