San Francisco

When to go


Unlike some other cities in the state of California San Francisco has four very different seasons, which can make it easy to plan a trip around.


If one is looking for a summer trip where the days are warm and the night are cool then come to San Fran between the months of June to August. These summer months see averages in the mid-teens to early-twenties (60-70 Fahrenheit). The summer evenings can be very cool and breezy, especially by Fisherman’s Wharf area, so it’s much advised to bring an extra layer or two!


Another surprise to many SF visitors is the fog! The city is often foggy, primarily during the winter months from December through to February. These months welcome averages in the early-teens (around the 50 Fahrenheit mark) but it is known to drop considerably lower with the ocean breeze at night. It’s definitely advised to bring a jacket or a sweater when visiting during the winter months. Hotel rates are much lower during this period and visitors are welcomed to less tourists so it can be a good time to visit the Golden Gate City.

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