San Francisco

Get around



Walking around San Fran can be extremely fun, an alternative way of keeping fit while on your travels, and a great way to really discover the ins and outs of the young and hip city! 


Another great way to see the city is by cycling. Bicycle rental vendors are situated all over the city but even more so by the Golden Gate Bridge area. One can easily rent a bike and cycle from the infamous Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, the small harbour town.

Public Transport

Unlike many U.S. cities, San Fran really does have a smooth and efficient running public transport system. The Muni system covers a large portion of the San Francisco area via buses, metro subway, trolley and cable cars while the BART covers the regional and Oakland area. A daily Muni travel card costs $20, a 3-day card costs approximately $30 while a 7-day card costs $40.


Driving is certainly not the best way to get around SF due to the heavy traffic jams in the city centre, steep hills and extremely scarce parking. As expected, driving in the surrounding districts tend to be more enjoyable in comparison to San Francisco County.

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