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															The historical centre is not particularly large (only about 2.5km/1.6 miles) from the Colosseum to the Piazza di Spagna so it is easy to get a metro into the city and visit the sites on foot. Most of the iconic landmarks are situated in the same area so it’s often recommended to enjoy Rome by foot.
The Roman metro (called Metropolitana by residents) only has two lines, A (red) and B (blue), which cross at Termini Central Station. Hence, it is usually much simpler for visitors to master the metro system in comparison to the extensive bus network.
Official metered yellow and white taxis can be found all over the city, particularly at night. Be sure to insist on the metre fare, rather than an arranged price.
For the adventurous and experienced one can find a vespa/scooper to rent for about €40-€50 for one day. Be careful when on Roman roads, especially in the city centre, as traffic can be chaotic!
Note: Avoid driving in the city as parking is very scarce and the driving style in Rome can be overwhelming for visitors. Overall, it’s better to travel by bus or metro while in Rome.								
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