Puerto Princesa

Things to do

There are some fabulous things to do in Puerto Princesa.  Underground river tours, island hopping and a visit to the Mangroves are highly recommended things to do in Puerto Princesa.

  • Underground River Tour
    Underground River Tour

    One of the most popular day trips from Puerto Princesa involves going to the Underground River. Slowly gliding into these long limestone caves, sitting in a boat, visitors anticipate what is ahead.
    With one group member sitting at the front of the boat, holding the flashlight, everyone enters quietly. There’s a lot of bats in here, so be prepared!
    Your guide will show you the wonderful rock formations and unfold entertaining stories about each. It’s relaxing and special in here, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Get There
    Book with your hotel or hostel before 5pm the day before, so they have time to get a permit. Pick up is from your accommodation and the bus ride will take 2 hours to get to Sabang. A boat will go to the cave and this takes an extra 30 minutes one way.

    Image Source: Butch Dalisay

  • Sabang Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour
    Sabang Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour
    Planning to go to Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour? Make sure to see the mangroves here at the same time. It can be arranged with your guide to include both experiences in one trip. The mangroves here are lush, peaceful, tranquil and bursting with wildlife. The local women guides are real locals, so they’ll answer all questions asked.
    Get There
    The option to see the mangroves can be included a tour of the underground river in Sabang. Make sure to ask when booking.

    Image Source: Roberto Verzo

  • Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour
    Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour
    Puerto Princesa is an excellent base to go out for the day to Honda Bay and visit some of the islands around the city. These islands are cared for and pristine, so if time is short on Palawan, they’re an excellent option to choose if a visit to El Nido isn’t possible. The islands visited will vary, depending on the weather etc. but 3 will most likely be on the agenda. Each island is different and has its own unique harm. There’s plenty of opportunities to snorkel and enjoy the sea life.
    Get There
    It only takes 30 minutes by bus from the city to get there. Book the night before with a group tour, to be picked up in the morning and then go island hopping all day.

    Image Source: Storm Crypt

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