Puerto Princesa

Get around


Puerto Princesa city is small, so as soon as your luggage has been dropped off, it is technically easy to walk around and get to your destination. An increase in traffic and tourist buses parking on the side of the roads is making this a little harder these days however. Transport around the city is very affordable and easy to come by.


A tricycle can be flagged down on the street to go a couple of streets away for around 30 pesos. For trips to the outskirts of the city, prices can be between 60-150 pesos. Haggle politely to get the local prices.


Jeepneys have set routes and you can hop on and off these to go as far as Honda Bay. These are a cheaper transport option: costing up to 30 pesos.

Private transport

Private transport can also be easily arranged at your accommodation.

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      Last updated on the 21 November 2017
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