Australia AKA "the land down-under" is a sunburnt and barren country; with most of its population and cities situated on or near the coast. Australian culture varies depending on which city or state you choose to explore. Western Australia only has one major city (Perth) which is growing rapidly in terms of culture and open mindedness. Western Australia has amazingly beautiful coast, beaches, dry bush,  rainforest and mountain range type areas.
Victoria is situated on the south-east side of Australia; Melbourne is the "cultural hub" of Australia. A true representation of Australian culture, it's food and people are diverse and more welcoming in comparison to other cities. However do not let the cold fool you, Victoria has many beautiful locations to explore. Travel between states on the east coast is cheap in comparison to travelling east to west.

Australia is a beautiful country and well worth the exploration. It's land and people are diverse and strong. Worth the trip for backpackers of all origins.            
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Last updated on the 28 July 2017