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Our San Francisco travel guide is packed with tips and advice about backpacking in San Francisco, California.  Discover the must visit attractions, travel safely in San Francisco, find good places to eat, solo travel in San Francisco, young person’s travel and much more.  Written by fellow travellers, our San Francisco backpacking guide will help you make the most out of your time in America – you can also post your own experiences and connect with fellow travellers.


“SF”, “San Fran”, “The Bay” or “The Bay Area” is frequently branded as one of the most diverse cities in the United States. Many think of San Francisco and instantly think cool!…And it’s pretty true. The infamous northern California city is young, vibrant and alive which is why backpacking to San Francisco is so popular.  A short walk along Fisherman’s Wharf would have travellers exploring epicentre of Northern California's commercial and fishing industry. In great contrast, visitors would find themselves in the heart of the downtown area surrounded by edgy urban street culture.

San Francisco was founded in 1776 and only received it’s name in 1847. The city is growing rapidly and is set to have a population of 1 million by 2033. The young, bustling and vibrant city has given great credit to it’s cultural expansion to the technological boom. Since the dot-com bubble of the early 1990s and more recently the surge in social media, San Francisco has been the front runner in attracting new tech business….we’ve all heard of Instagram and Facebook right!?

Despite being one of the hilliest cities in the United States San Francisco has been ranked as the most walkable city in America. Amongst this San Francisco sits at the top of the table for being the LGBT friendly city of the continent as well as having the highest quality of living of any U.S. city.

This cost of living does not appear to discourage tourists visiting the city. With a relatively warm and stable climate it’s to no surprise that approximately 20 million people visited San Francisco in 2016. This number continues to rise as the city constantly reinvents itself.

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