A Spanish-speaking developing country situated in the middle of central America, not yet completely discovered by the backpacker community. You find that life is easy going and cheaper than its neighbour Costa Rica. The chilled atmosphere comes from the people that the surf in Nicaragua attracts. The surf is excellent and ranges through all the levels from beginners to pro. There is brilliant surf on both the Caribbean and the Pacific coast – though choose one or the other as there are no real roads connecting both coasts!

Apart from surfing in Nicagua, visit the numerous volcanoes inland. Two volcanoes have formed an island (Omepete) inside Lake Nicaragua in the south which is well worth a visit to experience the local vibe. As for climbing to the top, beware the summit is often in the clouds… Otherwise go north and take your pick as to which of the 6 volcanoes to climb. Choose to snowboard back down Cerro Negro Volcano or see the Magma at the bottom of Telica Volcano’s crater.            
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Last updated on the 28 July 2017

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