Known for its eclectic mix of European and North American culture, Montreal is the world’s second-largest French speaking city. As the largest city in the Quebec province, Montreal is home to 3.4 million people and has the largest number of restaurants per resident in North America. This crowns the city as a foodie’s haven: quirky cafes and restaurants fill the streets of Montreal and offer tasty dishes from different cultures around the world. Quintessential Montreal dishes include poutine and bagels, which often causes queues outside of popular restaurants.

Aside from food, the city is buzzing with things to do, even during the wintertime. Explore the city’s history, play sports all year round, or get lost in Montreal’s great landmark: Parc du Mont Royal. Taking one look at the city from Mont Royal’s belvedere will reaffirm Montreal’s sheer beauty.

Exploring Old Montreal is a tourist activity in itself and the most evident area affected by European culture. However, the blend of French and North American influence is reflected in food, people and events, so you’ll enjoy the best of both cultures anywhere. It’s not necessary to leave Montreal to find things to do - you’ll find everything you need within the city.

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