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Canada is a pretty extraordinary country. Multicultural and liberal at its core, it’s no surprise that the current president, Justin Trudeau, is proud to call himself a feminist.

As the second largest country in the world, Canada is split into 10 provinces and is home to 36 million people. It is also famous for its production of maple syrup, stunning waterfalls like Niagara Falls, and their love for ice hockey.

Over 16 million tourists travel to Canada every year for its beautiful landscapes (especially in Banff) and vibrant urban cities.  Previously a colony of both Britain and France, the blend of influences is prevalent and makes the country unique. The French influence is quite concentrated in the east of Canada, especially in  the province of Quebec.

Although the country is so large, most of the population is concentrated in the major cities: Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Vancouver. Toronto is the most populous of them all, known for its business, art and cultural hubs. The city is always buzzing throughout the year with plenty of activities to take part in.

The city of Montreal has the largest French speaking population outside of Paris, which visibly contributes to the city’s dynamic. Most locals are bilingual, and the city has two bagel shops that make (arguably) the best bagels in the world.

Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in Canada and you’ll notice immediately. The Old Town is a UNESCO heritage site and still looks very colonial. There are various museums to spend your time in, as well as appreciating the city’s beauty.

Vancouver is an ethnically diverse city on the west coast of Canada. 52% of the population speak a first language other than English! Along with the scenic views, beaches and friendly people, Vancouver is the first choice for many visitors.

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Last updated on the 5 March 2018