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A guide to some of the best things to do in Montreal for travellers visiting this great city.

  • Parc du Mont Royal
    Parc du Mont Royal
    Parc du Mont Royal is a public park with beautiful scenery, numerous walking trails and three impressive viewpoints. The Kondiaronk belvedere is a popular attraction for tourists, as the viewpoint offers the highest stunning view of Montreal. If your fitness level permits it, explore by going on a hike through Parc du Mont Royal. Another highlight to visit is the man made Beaver Lake, which offers a place to enjoy a picnic and activities such as paddle boating or ice skating during the winter months. The park is beautiful any time of the year, so ensure you take time to visit during your trip to Montreal.  
    Get There
    As a landmark in Montreal with numerous entrance points, you will often use Mont Royal to orient yourself. If you walk up any hill from Downtown Montreal, you’ll eventually reach the park. If travelling by metro, the closest metro station is Mont Royal. Take the bus 11 to Parc du Mont Royal, which will make a number of stops at different entrances to the park. If you plan to complete the strenuous 400-stair climb to one of Mont Royal’s lookouts, the closest station is Peel Station. The start of the climb begins 9 minutes away from the station.

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  • St Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal
    St Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal
    Although a Catholic shrine, St Joseph’s Oratory is one of Montreal’s architectural icons and provides a spectacular view of the rest of the city from the balcony. There are a numerous parts of St Joseph’s Oratory that deserve your attention, such as the oratory museum exhibit, the basilica, the original chapel that was built in 1904, and the surrounding gardens. There are also a number of concerts and masses that are held by the church.
    Get There
    The oratory dome is visible from anywhere The closest metro stations are Snowdon and Côte-des-Neiges, which are both around 15 minutes from the stairs of the observatory. Once you are in the area, the oratory dome is visible, so just walk towards it. The buses that stop closest to the observatory are 15, 166, 165.

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  • Old Montreal
    Old Montreal
    Old Montreal is the oldest part of the city, lined with aged buildings, cobblestoned streets and quaint cafes. Montreal’s mix of European and North American culture is very much apparent here, as you will feel that you have stepped into a different country. The best way to bask in Old Montreal’s beauty is to explore by foot – the views just cannot be admired in the same manner if driving. There are a number of attractions to spot along the way: Place d’Armes, a public square; Basilique Notre-Dame, a historical church; and Rue St-Paul, Old Montreal’s oldest street. If you intend to buy souvenirs, there are a number of stores catered to travellers in Old Montreal.
    Get There
    There are three metro stations that serve Old Montreal: Square-Victoria-OACI, Place-d’Armes, and Champ-de-Mars. Choose any station and explore the area. A number of buses drive through Old Montreal as well. The main routes are 55, 129, 14, 36, 61 and 168. The bus you need to take will depend on where you are.

    Image Source: Ville de Montréal

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