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Getting around Montreal is like most big cities, using a combination of public transport, walking and taxi are the easiest ways although if you are feeling fit you could hire a bike to get around.  The Metro and bus system are the easiest ways to get around Montreal.

Public transport

Montreal is a big city, so public transport will be the best mode of getting around. Metro & bus stations are frequent throughout the city. The metro and buses runs from around 5:30am to 12:30am, and a single ride costs 3 CAD.

Although you can buy tickets from any metro station booth or machine, it is advisable to buy an Opus card if you’ll be in town for more than a few days. An Opus card is a travel card that allows you to travel on both buses and the metro. You can top up at stations or convenience stores, and it costs $6 to buy initially. A sample pass, that is valid from Monday to Sunday, will cost $25.50.


Neighbourhoods are quite compact in Montreal and can be explored by foot - but you will need transportation to travel between different neighbourhoods. During the summer, a lot of roads are blocked off for festivals, so walking tends be the most ideal. If you happen to get lost, Canadians are very friendly and will point you in the right direction.

You will still be able to reach attractions by foot when it’s winter time, as the Underground City in Downtown Montreal connects a number of hotels, buildings and shopping centres to make them accessible to pedestrians when the snow becomes unbearable.


Similar to other cities, Montreal has a self-service bike renting system called BIXI. Bikes can be rented from BIXI stands across the city. Once finished, you can drop the bike at any BIXI stand for a small charge. BIXI shuts down in December until April, due to Montreal’s harsh winters.

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