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Travellers picks of the best things to do in Medellin.  One of the most popular backpacking destinations in Columbia, Medellin has some great sights & attractions.

  • San Javier’s Comuna 13
    San Javier’s Comuna 13
    It is essential that you visit Comuna 13 which is a vibrant community situated in the neighbourhood San Javier. Comuna 13 was once labelled one of the most dangerous areas in the city and this was due to paramilitary and drug related violence. However, after the death of Pablo Escobar and the numerous city projects that were introduced, the poorest areas of Medellin began to see vast improvements. The opening of the metro cable system in 1996 and the 384m outdoor escalator in 2011 were two of the most successful projects that were introduced. The metro cable and outdoor escalator allowed for the poorest neighbourhoods in Medellin to feel further connected to the rest of the city. Comuna 13 is decorated with beautiful street art all the way up and graced with stunning 360 views of the city. There is also a strong hip-hop culture presence in the community as many of its residence use this form of music to best express themselves.
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    To get there get off at San Javier and walk up to Comuna 13.

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  • Volunteer at Prime
    Volunteer at Prime
    If you are looking to do some volunteering during your travels to Medellin look no further than the fantastic NGO called Prime. It is a language learning centre (English and Spanish classes for both Colombians and foreign nationals) and carry our community projects. The classes help support community projects in Medellín, including their flagship project Stairway to English in Comuna 13. Many of the students from their English classes have used their language skills to lead city tours for tourists. The most popular of these tours is the Comuna 13 tour.
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    The centre is located in Comuna 13

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  • Paragliding
    Paragliding over Medellin is one of the most fantastic things you can do when visiting the city. You can book this through most hostels in the city. There are also companies such as Dragon Fly where you can make your bookings online. The price to paraglide should be roughly 125,000 COP (roughly £30). It is an incredibly safe sport and the views of the city are phenomenal. Some companies provide GoPro hire where you can take home a GoPro video of your flight on an SD card.
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    Outside of the city
  • Tour to Guatape/El Penol
    Tour to Guatape/El Penol
    The tour to Guatape and El Penol is one of the most popular tours to do when visiting Medellin. On most of the Guatape/El Penol tours you will take a trip through the colourful town of Guatape and visit the El Penol rock with its beautiful views of a manmade lake. Breakfast and lunch are normally included in these tours. The price should be roughly 78,000 COP (roughly £20) excluding the entry fee for the rock.
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    Outside of Medellin

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