Like any major city, London has some crime. It is, however, much safer than many of the large urban areas with a very low rate for violent crime and theft compared to the likes of New York, Rio etc. As ever when travelling though, be mindful and safe as there can be problems. Usually with London this is theft rather than more serious crimes.

Women, as ever, would be advised not to walk too far alone at night in certain areas, but with busses and taxis around, this is never needed.

Keep an eye on bags, phones and wallets in bars and clubs as thieves do operate and have been known to take advantage of those that are less attentive.

If you feel uncomfortable or worried at any time, just find a policeman or woman, shopkeeper, Underground worker, anyone really, and ask them for help in getting to where you need to go.								
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      Last updated on the 6 February 2017
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