Ho Chi Minh City



Ho Chi Minh is relatively safe for travellers and many tourists are passing through throughout the year. Violent crime against foreigners is certainly rare. The biggest annoyances when it comes to travel safety in Ho Chi Minh (commonly known as Saigon) are pickpockets, bag snatchers and being swindled at the market. Keep your belongings in a money belt and make sure it is hidden underneath your clothes. Keep your other valuables in a safety box if you have one at your accommodation. Be particularly careful to hold on to your belongings when riding motorbikes and cyclos.

At night, if drinking in the bars, make sure to count your change carefully. Vietnamese money is confusing; the lowest and highest note are the same colour! Some bar owners and staff will take advantage of this. Take a taxi or ‘Grab’ when going home late at night. It’s not worth running the risk of being mugged whilst walking home.

Apart from taking care of your belongings and money, make sure that you take care of yourself when crossing the road. It can be very overwhelming at first, but step out with confidence and keep going. Drivers will time your pace and ensure they drive around you. Enjoy Ho Chi Minh City!

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      Last updated on the 20 June 2018
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