Where to eat

  • Apron Up Restaurant

    45,000 - 120,000 Dong
    The Old Quarter
    A selection of traditional Vietnamese dishes
    Apron Up Restaurant

    Apron Up Restaurant is a lovely little spot right in the centre of the Old Quarter where you’re guaranteed to get excellent, personalised service from the minute you enter. There are so many tasty and delicate dishes to try in Vietnam; Apron Up will help its customers taste a wonderful selection and if a cooking class is desired, they can offer this too. The Bun Cha is highly recommended, as well as the glass noodles.


    3rd floor, 66 Bat Su, Hang Bo

  • The Hung Snake Restaurant

    1m Dong
    Le Mat village
    If you fancy some snake...
    The Hung Snake Restaurant

    Snake spring rolls, snake soup, snake sautéed meat, snake skin, snake bile in rice wine…this restaurant breeds, presents, kills and serves snakes in every way possible. Visitors usually enjoy 11 traditional dishes with many different types of wine (with various snake body parts in there too). It’s understandably not for everybody but meat lovers are raving about it. Set menu around 1 million Dong.


    33 Le Mat, Viet Hung, Long Bien District

  • Hanoi Food Culture

    75,000 - 350,000 Dong
    The Old Quarter
    Taking Hanoi food to the next level
    Hanoi Food Culture

    Hanoi Food Culture takes great care in its food and presentation, offering visitors really tasty, fresh, clean dishes in beautiful surroundings. The egg coffee is a firm favourite as well as the lemongrass chicken and set menus. Staff are also incredibly friendly and not shy to explain exactly what is in their dishes and how to make them yourself. Set Menus: 250,000.


    60 Phat Loc Street, Hanoi Old Quarter

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