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Hanoi has four distinctive seasons. The weather is however a little unpredictable and it is hard to give exact rainfall and temperatures from day to day.

Coldest time of year

From December to February, Hanoi’s temperatures are around 10 degrees Celsius. The temperature at times can go up to 20 degrees Celsius. The rainfall and humidity is lower compared to the rest of the year and the skies a lovely blue, so your stay can still be pleasant. Just be careful about travelling around the time of Tet. This is a big holiday for the Vietnamese and it can be hard to travel and for services to be open.

The ‘best’ time to visit Hanoi

The best months to visit Hanoi overall are April and May. The temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius but not boiling hot yet. It is raining intermittently and the skies are often clear so it’s a great time to visit without getting too hot and bothered or soaked in the rain. Do pack an umbrella just in case it drizzles.

The hottest (and wettest) time of year

June to August is when it really gets hot in Hanoi and at the same time its rainy season. Temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius and generally start from 30 degrees Celsius. The humidity is also high, so carrying out any excursions can be difficult. Bring a bottle of water to keep yourself sane and a raincoat to fight off the downpours.

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