Find out more about travelling safely in Hanoi for foreign travellers, scams to be aware of, solo travel in Hanoi and more.


Many travellers come to Hanoi and the city overall is safe. There are some important things to note however.

Petty Theft

Like anywhere, there are thieves about. Don’t carry too much cash at once, use a money belt, a security box within your accommodation and be aware of having a thin bag or backpack. These can easily be slashed when you’re wearing them on your back and your possessions taken.

Solo Female Travellers

There have been reports of women being followed home and unfortunately attacked, so do try and not be on the streets late at night by yourself. If drinking, make sure someone trustworthy is with you.


The traffic is crazy in Hanoi and drivers sometimes are not the most vigilant. When crossing the road, keep a steady pace and keep walking but do watch out for rogue drivers at the same time who might not be looking.


Taxi drivers are known to have dodgy meters and take the long way round to your destination. When checking into your accommodation, make sure to check for any damage in the room and report it immediately. Some hotels will accuse you of the damage when you check out if you don’t tell them first. Count your money carefully when shopping or exchanging money and be aware of dodgy tours which show fake photographs of what is offered. Ask around to discover the best.

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