Get around


By foot

It’s generally easy to get around Hanoi as many of the attractions are close together and walkable. Visitors may prefer to take a different mode of transportation however as the streets are full of motorbikes and cars, and pedestrians do not have the right of way first. If deciding to go on foot, make sure to keep walking when crossing the road so traffic can judge correctly how to go around you. By stopping, the locals become confused and accidents can happen. Just be careful to make eye contact with them: some drivers may not be paying attention.  

By motorcycle taxis (and the Grab app)

Motorcycle taxis are everywhere and by far the best mode of transport to take as they can weave in and out of the traffic easily. If using the Grab app, they can easily be booked online and the price will be clearly stated before departing. If one prefers to take a motorcycle taxi waiting on the road (and there will be many on every street), bargain hard before taking a seat and ensure your helmet is on. Every kilometre should cost between 20,000-30,000 dong.  

By electric bus

Hanoi’s electric bus which looks like a long golf buggy, isn’t exactly ‘cool’ but it does stop at all the main points of interest in the city throughout 14 stops. The bus departs from the north end of Hoan Kiem Lake and outside Dong Xuan Market. Yes…there’s a recorded English commentary playing as you glide slowly along and around the streets. A 30 minute ride costs 15,000 dong.  

By bus

The buses in Hanoi are comfortable and efficient but without speaking or understanding Vietnamese, they can be hard to use; hence not many tourists attempting to use them. The local buses stop at all the main attractions and cost between 5,000 to 10,000 dong.  

By taxi (and the Grab app)

Taxis can easily be hailed on the street or booked beforehand via your accommodation or on the Grab app. If using the Grab app, the price will be clearly stated beforehand. If hailing one on the street, make sure the taxi has a meter. Starting prices are around 10,000 dong and it costs 4,000 to 6,500 thereafter for each subsequent kilometre. Keep an eye on the meter once your journey has started. Some meters are dodgy and magically start racking up the kilometres quickly. The most reputable companies are Hanoi Taxi, Hanoi Tourist Taxi and Mai Linh.  


Cyclos are more of an experience than and efficient way to get from A to B; hence taking one throughout the Old Quarter to see the sights is a good idea! They’re slow and may be too small for two Westerners that want to ride together but they’re a lovely traditional form of transport and very economic: one hour can cost as low as 20,000 dong.
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