Backpacking in France really does have something to offer everyone. From the beaches and history of Normandy, the variety of Paris, the surf of the West coast such as Hossegor and Biarritz and the beautiful blue sea and warm weather of the South. Also a great time to travel here with the Euro being at such a good rate.
France has so much to offer to any kind of travellers on top of a diversified countryside full of beauties and lots of historical and cultural background. The Atlantic coast from the north to the South is beautiful as much as the Mediterranean one. Mountains can be spectacular, the Pyrenées in the South and the Alps in the East, the Center with its Massif Central is really interesting too even wild most of the time.
The cuisine is one of the most refined of the world and France is also extremely well known for its amazing wines.
You can spend months visiting France and never end.
The French are usually friendly and welcoming as long as you are friendly yourself, and of course they are quite proud of their country for good reasons!            
Last updated on the 25 October 2017