El Nido

When to go


The best time to visit El Nido is between December and March. This is the dry season in the Philippines and the time when the waters are calmer. The weather is cooler and the temperature just right. April and May can get a little too hot for most people and this is peak tourist season, so avoid visiting El Nido during this time if possible.

On average, the warmest month is May and the coolest month is July.

Late March or April is when Semana Santa (Easter) happens and the Holy Week is observed, so there can be interruptions in travel at this time. Many Filipinos will be heading back to see their families, which means the transport hubs are jam-packed and hotels are unavailable.

From June, the rainy season begins in El Nido and the island can be under the influence of two monsoons. August is the wettest month out of all of them. It is best not to visit during this time.

We recommend between December and March as the best time to visit El Nido. 

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