El Nido

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There are lots of fabulous things to do in El Nido including a choice of island hopping experiences, hiking, incredible beaches and more.   A must thing to do in El Nido is taking in the sunset at Las Cabanas…wow!

  • Sunset at Las Cabanas
    Sunset at Las Cabanas
    Oh my! This may be the best sunset ever. Head to Las Cabanas to witness fantastic views of the sun setting behind the mountains and islands of El Nido. As some travellers zipline across the scene, others can choose to sit on the soft sand and watch the day come to an end. This is also an excellent swimming spot and there are refreshments available on the beach from the locals. Want no one around you? Come here during the day when it is likely to be quieter.  A ‘must thing to do in El Nido’
    Get There
    Las Cabanas Beach is 15 minutes away from the town of El Nido. Adventurers can easily ask a tricycle to take them there or if preferred, your accommodation can arrange pick up and drop off. Upon arrival, be aware that there are stairs up and down to reach the beach.
  • Island Hopping
    Island Hopping
    Island hopping in El Nido is the main reason adventurers come to this part of Palawan island. It is an absolute highlight and there are lots of lovely options to choose from: 4 to be exact. Tours A and C are the most popular. Tour A holds nice scenery and beaches, Tour C has some excellent scenery and snorkeling. Not many tourists appear to do Tour D, so if one is looking for some serious peace and quiet, this could be a good option! Essentially, all the tours have their charm and it is well worth taking the time to do more than one. Looking to island hop without a tour? Kayak rental is possible but be warned: it’s hard work.
    Get There
    If you go with a tour, pick up will be from your hotel or on the beach. Kayak rental is also available all along the beach. Speak to your accommodation to help you out or go hunting for a tour yourself by asking the local companies.
  • Hike Taraw Cliff
    Hike Taraw Cliff
    For glorious views of El Nido island, pop on your hiking shoes and head up to Taraw Cliff. It is an excellent viewpoint to take in all the island and appreciate just how beautiful the limestone karsts are. Towering cliffs, glistening white sands and clear deep blue waters will be all around when the top is finally reached. Well worth the effort! Take note though: the rock is sharp and jagged – be prepared to have some experience with climbing before going and make sure to bring water. It is a challenge!
    Get There
    To get to Taraw Cliff, it is recommended to go in the morning when it is not so hot. Take a guide to show the way and ensure you bring the correct footwear. The hike takes around 2 to 3 hours. Speak to the locals or your accommodation to get a good guide and succeed!
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