El Nido

Get around


Getting around El Nido is relatively easy as overall, it’s quite small. To get around town, it is easy to walk and the roads are not congested. If arrival is at the bus station and travellers have a lot of luggage, there are plenty of tricycles available to go into town and lighten the load.


To reach beaches far out of town and see the sunsets, it is advisable to hail down a tricycle. Locals are friendly and open here. Haggle politely to get a good price. Tricycle drivers will also be happy to wait, so returning to town is easy.

Island hop

To island hop, tours A, B, C or D can be chosen and the boat will be available all day to escort everyone around. Alternatively, kayaks can be hired so travellers can make their own way around the islands. This is understandably, harder work though. Be prepared to exercise hard and take snacks and water to not be caught out.

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