Chiang Mai

When to go


The best time to visit Chiang Mai is between October to April as the weather is mostly cool and pleasant with a nice light breeze. During those months the city tends to see averages in the mid 20s (celsius) which is why this period also corresponds with the peak of the tourist season. April also marks the festive New Year’s season which is celebrated with Songkran, the largest and most memorable water festival in the whole of Thailand.

March to May is known to be the considerably hot season with averages souring to the low 30s and averages rising up to 40 degrees celsius during the day. This is a great time to look for hotel and flight deals and of course soak up the sun from a pool. Heading out after sunset is popular during this time and it’s advised to carry light cotton and a fan to beat the heat.

Not many tourists visit Chiang Mai during the monsoon season from June to October so if you are looking for a quieter holiday in the ancient town this is the best time to visit. Be prepared with umbrellas, raincoats and rain-proof shoes.

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