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There are lots of great things to do in Chiang Mai from taking in incredible temples, bartering at markets, visiting animal sanctuaries and more.   Top things to do in Chiang Mai include Wat Prah That Doi Suthep, the most famous temple in the city and the night market where local food and traditional arts are on sale every Sunday.

  • Get on a Songthaew!
    Get on a Songthaew!
    Not the usual “to-do” thing when abroad but hopping on one of these red taxi trucks when in Chiang Mai is an absolute must! As soon as you exit the train station or enter downtown Chiang Mai expect to be confronted by the eager taxi drivers recommending their taxi service as opposed to their conventional rivals. Jump onboard because it’s a cheap and fun way to get around! The flat fee for rides around the Old City are 20 THB but expect to pay a little more for longer journeys.
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    They are literally scattered all over the Old City and Downtown area so it’s almost impossible to miss a songthaew.

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  • Sunday Night Market (or Walking Street)
    Sunday Night Market (or Walking Street)
    Right in the heart of the walled Old City, the night market extends for over 1Km along Ratchadamnoen Road. Opened every Sunday from 4pm till midnight one can enjoy the showcase of traditional arts and craftsmanship of the Northern Thai people or simply spoil your taste buds with local delicacies.
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    Situated in the centre of the Old City, Ratchadamnoen Road can be accessed from anywhere within the Old City on a songthaew for as little as 20 THB (less than £0.50 pence/$0.40 cents) or by walking.
  • Wat Prah That Doi Suthep
    Wat Prah That Doi Suthep
    The city’s most famous temple dates back to 1383 and is a must thing to do in Chiang Mai. The Buddhist temple stands on Doi Suthep, a hill to the north-west of the city and is one of Chiang Mai’s most visited attractions. The temple is often referred to as Doi Suthep. The temple grounds are sacred to many Thai people so visitors must dress appropriately when visiting. Admission is 20 THB.
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    Doi Suthep is 15Km from the city centre and can be easily reached by road. Taxi services, tuk tuks and songthaew (taxi trucks) run throughout the day to the temple. A shared songthaew is usually the cheapest option and it costs about 800 THB for 2 hours but be sure to bargain. Note: Once inside the car park visitors have the option to walk up 309 steps or take a tram (30 THB) to reach the temple.
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