Chiang Mai

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Getting around Chiang Mai is safe and cheap.  Find out about getting around Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Lone Travellers.


The cheapest and fastest way to get around the city is by hopping on a songthaew. These red open windowed shared taxi trucks are situated all over the city and with rides starting at just 20 THB in the Old City area it’s notably a good choice of transport for affordable travel.

Note: Although the flat fee is 20 THB in the Old City area, drivers tend to request a little bit more from tourists so be sure to haggle down the price. Of course, expect to pay a little more if going further out of the city but relatively it’s extremely cheaper than a traditional taxi ride.

A songthaew ride is an adventure in itself and it is very easy to forget that traditional taxis’ actually exist in the city. They actually do and they are priced  relatively cheap too. The Southeast Asian equivalent to Uber, known as Grab, is prevalent in the city and local taxis are also readily available all around the city.

Experienced scooter drivers can also rent scooters for 200-250 THB (£4/$5-£6/$7) per day from local vendors situated all over the city.

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