If you are thinking of backpacking in Vietnam, our guide will help you make the most out of your travels.  Our Vietnam backpacking guide is packed with information about solo travel in Vietnam, the transport options for getting around Vietnam, places to eat, Vietnam visa information and much more.  Our Vietnam backpacking guide is written by fellow travellers who have visited this fascinating country, so you get ‘real’ info and you can even share your own Vietnam travel experiences as well as connect with fellow travellers who are part of our growing community of backpackers.


Vietnam! An incredibly strong, breathtakingly beautiful land of delicious dishes, motorcycle adventures and tough tales of war. It’s fascinating. Depending on what you’re particularly interested in, one journey here is simply not enough. If you are backpacking in Vietnam you are going to have a fantastic time!

Location and Environment

Backpacking through Vietnam is a popular choice for gap year and young persons travel.  Bordering China to the North, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest and with Thailand just across the way, Vietnam is the perfect country to visit on your Southeast Asian tour.  Despite the 20 years of hellish war endured, Vietnam is now very much a confident, thriving and fast-developing nation.  A big draw for backpackers to Vietnam is the spectacular terrain, with endless beaches, vast mountains, bustling cities and thriving national parks.

Food Activities

For foodies, this is the place to tuck into mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes with subtle flavours and diverse options as you traverse across the regions.


Adventure seekers will be fully entertained when travelling in Vietnam. Discovering Vietnam on a motorbike is unmissable, especially along the Hai Van Pass. Or maybe hiking the vast green hills of Sapa, and discovering the oldest karst mountains in Asia in Vietnam’s central intricate cave systems is on your list. If you stay in the cities, crossing the road through the onslaught of endless mopeds will be a challenge. Reward yourself with a freshly brewed street beer upon making it to the other side of the street!


History enthusiasts will be able to visit plenty of museums, landmarks and memorials to reflect on the Vietnam war, the peace we have now, and how much Vietnam has progressed since then. Overall, there is plenty to see and do in Vietnam and something for everybody’s taste.

Vietnam Backpacking Guides

Hanoi | Ho Chi Minh City

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