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Backpacking in Thailand is a popular choice for 1st time and seasoned travellers alike.  One of Southeast Asia’s most-visited nations, the Kingdom of Thailand attracts diverse travellers from all around the globe. Backpackers, luxury travellers, solo adventurers, families, romance-seeking couples, and anyone in between can all find plenty to appreciate in the Land of Smiles.

Backpackers heading to Thailand will delight at the numerous palm-fringed beaches and islands that boast soft, white, powdery sands and clear waters. The underwater world offers even more marvels, and snorkelling or diving adventures let people get up close and personal with an array of intriguing marine life. The many beaches and islands offer different vibes, appealing to ranging interests and tastes.

Nature lovers can explore the foothills of the Thai Himalayas in the north of the country, with jungle-trekking adventures that lead past cascading waterfalls, through small villages inhabited by ethnic minority groups, and through dense jungle that is filled with flora and fauna.

Cultural experiences abound, with numerous sacred temples and ancient ruins. Visitors can wake up early to watch monks in saffron robes chanting as they wander through residential areas collecting alms. Souls can be soothed at meditation retreats and yoga workshops.

Extravagant cabaret shows, bustling night markets, performances of traditional Thai dancing and singing, complete with magnificent costumes, and energetic Muay Thai fights offer plenty to do after the sun goes down if travellers want a change from the many bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Foodies will be in seventh heaven, with snacks and meals found around almost every corner. Roadside vendors tempt the taste buds and the varied dishes in the markets appeal to the senses. Restaurants range from the small, hole-in-wall-type local eateries to gourmet establishments that serve up gastronomic delights.

Thailand offers plentiful accommodation to cater to diverse budgets and expectations. Great transportation makes moving around the country hassle free, and locals are known for their warm hospitality, friendly greetings, and beaming smiles that stretch from ear to ear.

Travellers can experience fast-paced city life, complete with all modern trappings, before stepping back in time in a quaint rural idyll. There are many faces to Thailand, all offering something new and exciting to visitors. 

Thailand Backpacking Guides

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