Puerto Princesa


If you are backpacking in Puerto Princesa you can find travel tips and advice for your trip to this fascinating city on the island of Palawan.  Written by fellow travellers, our Puerto Princesa backpacking guide will give you valuable insights about how to get to and get around the city, the best places to eat, the best time to visit Puerto Princesa and more.


Of all the islands in the Philippines, Palawan is truly a magical one and visiting Puerto Princesa is a must if you are heading here. Travellers began uttering to each other about how pristine, serene and stunning this place was around 10 years ago, and since then tourism has boomed with many travellers, holidaymakers and backpackers eager to discover this beautiful island. There are a few ways to arrive on this island, and arriving in Puerto Princesa first is one of them.

Travelling in Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is a city located on the west of the island but because of its island vibes, it has the least amount of people in a ‘city’ in the whole of the Philippines (255,116 people). This means it’s much more relaxed than the other cities in the Philippines which is one of the reasons for the popularity of backpacking in Puerto Princesa. Yes, there are traffic jams and concrete buildings yet it is still a far cry from Manilla.

Many backpackers land in Puerto Princesa to then immediately head up to El Nido and Coron, but it is highly recommended to stay here a couple of days.

Puerto Princesa is renowned for having the best food and restaurants on the whole island of Palawan, and rightly so. Their seafood is top notch and there’s an abundance of choices every day, that the fishermen bring back.

Enjoy not only the city, but the exciting day-trip excursions from Puerto Princesa too. There’s island hopping for a day to many wonderful locations with friendly locals. A visit to the mangroves and underground caves in Sabang is also a highly popular choice.

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