If you are thinking of backpacking in Malaysia or passing through as part of bigger travel plans, our Malaysia travel guide will help you get the most out of this interesting country.  Find out if solo travel is suitable in Malaysia, how to traverse the country, the food to expect, travelling on a budget and more.  Our Malaysia backpacking guide will help you make the most out of your time away.


Malaysia has been rapidly coming into the limelight in terms of attracting international tourists, and it is now one of the most visited Southeast Asian destinations. A diverse nation with states on both the Malay Peninsula and the large island of Borneo; Malaysia attracts backpackers and travellers with wide-ranging interests. Bornean Malaysia may also be referred to as East Malaysia.

Although Malaysia has been somewhat overshadowed by its more famous neighbours in the past, now is an ideal time to meet the diverse peoples of Malaysia, discover the nation’s beautiful landscapes, explore its captivating cities, towns, and villages, and see why Malaysia is seeing a boom in tourism.

The beauty of the outdoors

Nature-lovers and people keen to spot an array of wildlife have plentiful options in Malaysia. From the lush rainforests of Borneo to the beautiful national parks of the peninsula, escaping in nature is easy.

For backpackers to Malaysia looking for beauty, the country boasts several beautiful beaches and islands, with excellent snorkelling and diving, possible in several spots. Whether you want to laze on soft sands and soak up picturesque views, observe diverse marine life, or join in with beach games and water sports, Malaysia’s beaches promise to not disappoint.

A mixed culture

Mainland Malaysia is home to three major groups of people: the ethnic Malays, Indians, and Chinese. Each group has made its mark on the country in terms of culture, architecture, food, traditions, and celebrations. Indeed, Malaysia is known for its numerous lively festivals throughout the year. The country has diverse religious buildings, and it’s not uncommon to find mosques, churches, Buddhist temples, Sikh gurdwaras, and Hindu temples within close proximity of each other. The tribal traditions of various groups of people can be seen in Malaysian Borneo.

Contrasting landscapes

There are historic cities brimming with fascinating sites and whispers from the past, small rural villages where time seems to have stood still, and modern cities with malls, high-class hotels, and fancy restaurants to rival other major global cities.

Delicious food

Malaysia is a fantastic place for food lovers, with the cuisines of the nation’s various ethnic groups widely available. Of course, as you move around the country you’ll also find a great many tempting local specialties too. Try typical Malay fare and enjoy the balance of spices. Fill up on Indian breads and curries. Order a smorgasbord of Chinese dishes to share. Street food is also plentiful! Some parts of Malaysia consistently rank among the world’s best destinations for street eats.

A budget to suit all travellers

Travellers will find a good range of accommodation option across Malaysia, from fancy hotels and resorts to budget beds in hostel dorms ideal for backpackers and everything in between. Finding suitable accommodation to suit different budgets and expectations is rarely a problem.

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