If you are planning a backpacking trip to Ubud this year or in 2019 our travel guide will help you get the most out of this fascinating city on beautiful Bali.  Discover the best places to eat, tips for travelling safely in Ubud, where to stay, the best time to visit Ubud and more.  Written by fellow travellers, our Ubud backpacking guide will help you get the most out of your time in Bali.   You can even post your own tips & experiences as well as connect with fellow travellers.


Ubud town is a popular backpacking destination on the island of Bali. Many know Bali due to its association with the mainstream tourist industry, but just like Bali, Ubud is home to surrounding areas still only known to locals. With a population of around 300,000 people Ubud is a town locked by rice paddies, forests and small farms.

The town gets its name from the Balinese word ubad (medicine) as the town was originally a place where medicinal herbs and plants were sourced. To the surprise of many Ubud is made up of fourteen villages each ran by their own committee. In these villages as well as central Ubud one can stumble across the range of galleries, artist workshops and yoga barns Ubud has to offer.

Due to Ubud’s strong economical reliance on tourism, central Ubud is heavily commercialised and filled with tourists. However the size of Ubud town makes it relatively easy to hop on a scooter or get a taxi ride out of the central district. This is where many backpackers visiting Ubud head to experience the quiet, greenery and tranquillity of this beautiful region.

Ubud’s medicinal and healing traits appear to remain with the sheer number of spiritual classes, yoga retreats and health conscious restaurants located around the town. Dance performances occur almost nightly at the Ubud Palace which is surrounded by water and beautiful scenery – just like the city itself. With landscape surrounded by stunning greenery many tourists take to the centre cities natural attractions such as the Monkey Forest, Tegallalang rice paddy and Campuhan Ridge Walk.

Balinese Hinduism, observed as Agama Hindi Bali, is highly visible in Ubud. Daily devotional practices such as temples ceremonies, rituals and offerings are carried out by locals. This general good feeling and peaceful atmosphere is what usually attracts people to Ubud.

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