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              A fascinating country with an important historical background and breathtaking views and wilderness. Visit Robin Island to start the journey to connect with History with a big H. This is where Nelson Mendela remained in prison with his companions. The reconciliation policy is at work in South Africa after the end of the apartheid. Forgive but do not forget. This is also the country where Gandhi started his political journey.

In South Africa, you're never too far away from some form of gorgeous land and wildlife. I've met a lot of people before and since my visit, who claim that they would never go because of the danger. Anywhere is dangerous if you don't have a sensible head on your shoulders, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't experience it if possible. There were different rules to follow in South Africa compared to the other countries in Asia for example, but as long as you do your research, then you'll be fine.
The local people of the villages and cities were welcoming and so willing to help, and the fact that a lot of people spoke English was a great help to us as well (it's good to pick up small phrases as you go on your travels).
If I could go back to South Africa tomorrow, I would, without a second thought.
N.B. Watch out for an increased number of rogue Penguins and Hippos.            
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Last updated on the 24 October 2017

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